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We Want to Help You Experience More Nature in Your Home

Zach LaPerriere Wood Art is an independent designer and producer of sculptural wood bowls based in Sitka, Alaska, owned by husband/wife team Zach LaPerriere and Jenn Lawlor. They created Zach LaPerriere Wood Art to share their love & reverence of the wild ancient forests of Alaska.

Zach's love for trees is contagious

 Zach is a wood artist and craftsman.  He tells stories with wood bowls and vessels so you can connect with the wild ancient forests of Alaska right from your home and office.

John Muir said, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

Zach lives and works in the forest every day and he knows that most people do not. So, for him, it’s an honor and privilege to be the artist who brings a piece of the forest wilderness to your everyday life.

When Zach’s not in his studio, he enjoys spending time with Jenn and their sons exploring the beaches, mountains, and forests either in a little 16’ aluminum boat or on longer excursions, aboard his family’s 38’ sailboat.

Jenn wants to connect people with nature

Jenn is in charge of all things marketing - press, design, web, schedule, social media, etc. Having built and run operations for several internet businesses, Jenn has a lot of experience with running an online store. This, however, is her first venture into the world of putting one-of-a-kind pieces of art into people’s homes.

Like Zach, Jenn has a deep reverence for wilderness and shares a passion for helping deepen people’s appreciation for the trees she lives amongst. 

When she’s not in the office, Jenn enjoys spending time with her three children (Blake, Nate, and Dane), hiking in the forests and mountains, or soaking in her family’s wood-fired hot tub looking overlooking the forests and ocean.