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Shipping Policy

We offer discounted shipping on ALL of our orders and zero handling fees.

What does that mean?  It means we pass on our commercial shipping discount to you.  And we also pay for all packing supplies and give you free handling.

We're here to offer you sculptural wood bowls—not to make a profit on charging you shipping!

SHIPPING MULTIPLE BOWLS:  The online shipping calculator is fairly accurate.  It considers the weight of each bowl plus packaging.  If the actual is cost is more, we will pay the difference, and if the actual shipping price is less: We will refund any significant difference in shipping if you overpaid.  Promise.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS:  The amounts you see are calculated for US Mail.  There is a possibility that we can ship an alternative method cheaper to your country.  Just send us an email and a description of what bowl or bowls you would like.  We’ll get you a quote asap.

Rest assured that if you purchase sculptural wood bowls directly on our website without a quote we will also check into the best shipping solution AND refund extra shipping funds to you.  Promise!

If by rare chance your actual shipping cost is a lot more than our shipping cost we may contact you to discuss shipping.

Customs fine print:  Please check into customs/taxes in your country before ordering.  By law, we must declare the paid value of the sculptural wood bowls you purchase on a customs form.  Please do not ask us to violate the law by marking your purchase as a gift on customs forms.  

OTHER QUESTIONS?  Send them our way!  Contact us here.