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Too Spectacular for Firewood! Bowl

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Western Hemlock
Handmade, one-of-a-kind
excellent for a display or jewelry bowl
finished w/ food-grade tung oil
made by Zach LaPerriere
Sitka, Alaska 2018
bowl measures about 3" wide X 2 1/2" tall

On a Winter morning a couple years ago, perhaps fifteen minutes after starting a fire with smaller pieces of firewood, I put a large piece of hemlock half-way into the woodstove—and stopped.

With the door still open the firewood paused for a split second as my eye caught something special.  I quickly pulled the piece of firewood back out of the woodstove and looked below a huge knot.  The knot came from a giant branch hundreds of years old.

Under the knot I could see a ripple of grain that suggested something spectacular.  I set the piece of firewood on the porch, are breakfast, and took the firewood to the bandsaw, then turned the piece down to a bit larger than you see here.

A year of very slow drying later, and I set the dry bowl on my shelf of potential bowls to turn.  Honestly I don't normally turn bowls this small—I have a hard time asking a price that justifies my time.  So the bowl sat on the shelf for another year.

This last Summer I went on a small bowl kick.  This was one of a handful of small bowls I finished while working in smaller dimensions.

What makes this bowl special is the phenomenal grain, darker stains from a branch injury, and an ambrosia beetle hole in the outside base.

This will make a perfect little bowl for prominent display on a shelf or for something very special like a bracelet.  Or maybe it should go on a mantel above a fireplace as the bowl too beautiful to burn.