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Ancient Floating Bowl

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Alaska Yellow Cedar
finished w/ food-grade tung & citrus oil

handmade by Zach LaPerriere 

Sitka, Alaska 2019
bowl measures 6 1/2" X 2 1/2"

If by chance you've been following Zach for a couple years on social media...you might recall a yellow cedar stump he towed home—by kayak!

This cute piece shows more than twenty growth rings to the inch, and the way Zach shaped the bowl, you can count each growth ring in the rim if you so choose.

This cedar is quite dense and heavier than normal, because it comes from the underground portion of the stump that held an ancient tree to the earth through countless storms and seasons.

If given minimal care, a well made wood bowl should last for generations—just as it took generations to grow the wood in this bowl.