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Passage 2

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Alaska Yellow Cedar
finished w/ food-grade tung & citrus oil

handmade by Zach LaPerriere 

Sitka, Alaska 2019
bowl measures 7 3/4" X 2 1/2"

The Passage series of vessels explores the intricacies of a prominent knot hole.

You could easily miss what is hidden on the underside of this unique bowl: a knot hole and bark void situated in a way unlike anything Zach has ever done before.

What is not visible in these pictures is the curly grain, which shimmers and glows in a folded pattern of golden chatoyance, giving an extra level of depth to the interior of this bowl when viewed in person.

Zach will be releasing a small number of additional vessels in the Passage series in the coming year.

This bowl is a stunner

The Story Behind This Beautiful Bowl

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